Pete Fry "The Goalie Mindset Guy"

Introduction To Goalie Mindset Training

You will love this FREE Introduction. You get a Pre Recorded Pre Game Visualization session to listen to before games, a Goalie Affirmations Poster, a Chapter of Goalie Mindset Secrets on Confidence and the first Full Day of Goalie Mindset Power!


Eli's Goalies Mindset Training Package

Pete Fry "The Goalie Mindset Guy"

Goalie Mindset Power

You are 30 days away from having a pro goalie mindset and experiencing unprecedented levels of self-confidence. You’ll feel the results internally, and you and your teammates will see them on the ice. This is the program to set you apart from others1

Pete Fry "The Goalie Mindset Guy"

Goalie Mindset Secrets Audio Book Course

This is a great way to really capture, learn and put into action the 7 Secrets from the Book Goalie Mindset Secrets. In this course there is a quiz at the end of each chapter to help you retain the powerful information on each Goalie Mindset Secret!.

Pete Fry "The Goalie Mindset Guy"

Try Out Prep Program

Try out preparation program includes affirmations audio and visualization.

Pete Fry "The Goalie Mindset Guy"

The Totally Confident Goalie!

Audio program includes exercises and assignments to help you become and remain "Totally Confident'.